They came inside my Cakewhole!

cakewholeSIGNLARGEIt worked. We provided, and they came.

I was very proud to be part of a family cake collective, my little sister Katie baked her contribution, my big little sister Nina took the wheel literally and metaphorically by being both the driver and the one with more than a scrap of organisational skills.


Pokesdown Community Forum seemed a lovely gang and it was a pleasure to spend the day with them and the fellow stall holders, we provided light entertainment for them trying to put up the Gazebo in a rush, having never even so much as looking at one before, skills.

cakewholegirlscoff3 cakewholegirlscoff4

They did of course have to quality control the products, and as you can see they did a very conscientious job.


Thats us, and our beloved dad Tony, father, friend and Cake accomplice, we salute you.

cakewholeselection2 cakewholeselection cakewholesideveganslice cakewholeselection4 cakewholeseection3 cakewholepecanpud1 cakewholenina CAKEWHOLEneighbours cakewholemecutting cakewholemeandnina1 cakewholeladyatstall cakewholekatie cakewholefinger cakewholedrizzle cakewholecuttingcake cakewholecouple cakewholechatting cakewholebluberry cakewhole selection brownies



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