Its cake dear, but not as we know it!


It almosts looks like the real deal. You may have guessed that one of my favourite flavours is coconut. Well this coconut frosting knocks the socks of any other I have ever tried. It is so simple too.

For a large 3 layered 30″ Cake, all you need is:


2 x cans of coconut milk

2 x packet of creamed coconut

4-6 tbsp of Xylitol

  • Place coconut milk tins in fridge or freezer prior to opening, as this makes the cream easier to separate from the milk.
  • Dissolve the Xylitol in a pan on a high heat, with a large tbspn of the creamed coconut oil.
  • Scoop off the creamy top of the canned coconut, leaving the watery milk (drink it, or use for a multitude of other recipes).
  • Whip/whisk the cream from the tinned coconut milk, the packets of creamed coconut and the Xylitol together.
  • Leave this in the fridge  for as long as possible before using,  to allow the xylitol to cool, and the mixture to thicken.


You can play with the consistency, the more creamed coconut you mix the more heavy and sticky it will be, which is useful for decorating the outside of the cake. Also depending on how long the cake needs to last, as the nature of coconut cream is that it wont remain as robust as dairy cream. Using more solid coconut in the mix will help to keep it more robust. Alternatively blend 2 tsp of cornflour for thicker consistency.


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